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2020 Ice Cream Social

This years Ice Cream Social winners were: 1st and 2nd Place went to Rene Harden with Rhubarb Crumble taking 1st place and Mango Berry taking second. Chloe Noel was our 3rd place winner with Caramel, Chocolate Cookie. The event was well attended with over 300 guests. We want to thank Fiscus and Gravy for entertaining us and Dan Fiscus for announcing the event. We also want to thank Keith Peterson, Angie Miller, Kathy Kottensette for manning the sign in table and Mike Miller for crowd control, Heath Gebaur for sharing his homemade Ice Cream.

Ice Cream Social winners - Jarod Fiscus, entertainment; Dan Fiscus, entertainment, Board Vice President; Diane Sizemore, Director: Mike Miller, Treasurer; Rene Harden, 1st & 2nd place winner; Chloe Noel, 3rd place winner.


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